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A client performing barbell squats.


A personal trainer coaching his client through the chest press exercise.


"I've been coming to Focused Strength for almost 3 years and have had solid and consistent results. The workout philosophy at Focused Strength allows for a workout that is accessible yet very challenging regardless of your fitness level. The trainer is patient, punctual, responsive, knowledgeable, and prepared. Its amazing how a 20 minute workout can accomplish so much good. Additionally the methodology of strength training at Focused Strength helps to build muscle mass and bone density, both of which are extremely important as people age. Whether you are a seasoned athelete or completely new to strength training you will have challenging, safe, and productive workouts. The facility and equipment are kept in immaculate condition. Probably my favorite thing is there's no headache or mental work required, show up on time and your trainer has everything set up for you and tells you exactly what to do while tracking your progress. I strongly recommend Focused Strength and think it's one of the most valuable services available in the area."

"Ryan at Focused Strength is a wonderful trainer. He is always encouraging and supportive. He listens to your concerns and works with your limitations. I love that his facility is always clean, organized and smells great. I would highly recommend Ryan for your strength conditioning needs!"

"My twice weekly 30 minute sessions with Ryan over the past year have yielded great results for me. He always pushes me beyond my limits to help achieve my fitness goals. He is knowledgeable, professional, and has a clean and well maintained facility. Highly recommend Ryan."

"Amazing one on one fitness training. Ryan is great at keeping you motivated and excited to come back for the next session. I highly recommend this business for anyone trying to improve their lifestyles in regards to mental and physical well being. Focused Strength deserves more than 5 stars!"


Accomplish more in 30 minutes than you ever thought possible in a workout. We will also track your progress so we can make sure you are improving during each and every exercise.

Improve Your Health

  • Improve body composition.

  • Higher metabolic rate - burn more calories even at rest.

  • Improve cardio-metabolic health.

  • Increase bone mineral density.

  • Prevent muscle atrophy, age-related wasting of muscle known as sarcopenia.

  • Improve cognitive function.

  • Enhance self-esteem.

  • Combat anxiety and depression.

  • Enhance athletic performance. 


Whether it is signing up for your first 5K race, climbing mount Machu Picchu, or being able to keep up with younger loved ones, you will be physically and mentally ready for the challenge.


Focused Strength offers a no-compromise personal training experience. Our time-efficient, science-based workouts are tailored to your exact needs. We are fully committed to providing a five star service experience, guaranteed.

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